Trenching is an essential step for many residential and commercial installation jobs including water lines, sewer lines, septic systems, drainage systems, and electric, phone, and cable conduit/wires. When you are beginning a project that will require trenching, it is important to use a licensed trenching contractor for the job. There are underground systems already in place that you will need to make sure you avoid when trenching, which makes any trenching task challenging for the average homeowner. Local trenching professionals can provide high quality results and ensure that the trenching is done safely and accurately.

DIY Trenching Risks

Trenching requires breaking the ground with specialized excavation equipment to access or install underground systems. It also involves a detailed clean-up and finishing process to be successful. There are numerous hazards to trenching, and because of this, there are many rules and regulations in place to protect both people and properties. Attempting to trench on your own can result in being struck by machinery, coming into contact with buried service lines, exposure to hazardous materials, falling into the trench, and collapses and cave ins. While there are a number of protective systems, these systems are dictated by different factors. It is very unsafe for a non-professional to attempt to take on a trenching project with little or no previous experience, and even if the project is completed without injury, the trenching will likely not hold up to the needs of the project or meet the regulatory requirements. DIY trenching is not recommended.

Benefits of Hiring a Trenching Contractor

When you hire a professional for your trenching needs, they will call to have the utilities marked. This step cannot be overlooked, as coming into contact with underground wiring or water systems can be catastrophic. After clearing the space with the utilities, a professional can begin safely digging the trench. All trenching options can be tailored to your specific project, using the correct tools, methods, and safety measures to protect both your property and structures, as well as create the right trench for a successful project. Some trenchers can even handle boring under sidewalks and driveways, and this kind of work can be done year-round depending on how deep the frost line is at the time.

Once a trenching project is done, the trench will be backfilled and the ground that has been disturbed will be restored to its original condition. This can be a dangerous job, so safety is always a top priority.  A professional team will not only have plans in place to mitigate risks, but will use the right protective gear and systems to guard against cave-ins and other dangerous issues. The experience and knowledge of an experienced trenching contractor is well worth the investment for this type of job.

When trenching for hidden lines, choosing the right contractor will make all the difference. Having a professional who understands the complexities of the trenching for underground lines can make a big difference in the look and success of the project. Sprinkler Pro is a trenching contractor and we proudly offer high quality, experienced service and safety when taking on a trenching project. We can help you with any trenching job medium or small sized. If you need some trenching work done for an upcoming project, contact Sprinkler Pro for an estimate.