Your entryway is the first impression of your home, and the pathway to that entry is just as important to your curb appeal. Path lighting can make a big difference in enhancing your entryway. There are many options that can provide both beauty and safety, and the right lighting designer can help find the look that is perfect for your home’s design. Looking at the style of your current hardscapes and landscaping can help you find the right choice to lead guests to your door.

pathway light lit up at dusk on concrete pathway leading to house

1. Classic Landscape Lighting with Different Types of Outdoor Lights

A simple, subtle, and timeless pathway lighting design will give your home an elegant and classic look. Classic metals such as brass or brushed nickel lighting fixtures installed in the landscaping alongside your pathways at regular intervals will illuminate the walkways and keep your visitors safe while leading them to your front door. Lighting your entryway itself with coordinating fixtures of the same metal will provide a cohesive design. Most classic outdoor lighting designs will use warm white LED lights to provide the right glow for this timeless look.

2. Using Pathway Lights to Get Artistic

If you are looking for a more creative and modern lighting solution, you can use specially designed light fixtures that cast shadows in an artistic pattern along your pathways. Not only will the fixtures provide a creative and decorative feature during the day, but the patterns they create with light and shadow when lit at night can enhance your home’s character and make a real impression on your guests.

3. Use Wall Lights for a Modern Feel

If you have retaining walls surrounding your pathways, you can opt for custom wall-mounted wall lighting that will cast a glow on the pathway. You will have enough illumination cast down to light the walkway itself, but the actual lighting will showcase the retaining wall and draw the eye to this feature of your property. Wall lighting can be designed in a way where it blends into the wall during the day unseen, but will be angled to cast a glow on the pathway at night.

4. Uplight the Surrounding Trees

If your pathway is lined by trees, using uplighting on the bases of the trees can be an excellent option over lighting the path itself. In this design, you have the advantage of highlighting both the trees and the pathway. The light will be enough for the pathway, but similar to lighting a retaining wall, the actual lighting will draw the eye to the trees. Uplighting is an extremely popular outdoor lighting choice and adds elegance to any property.

5. Added Recessed Lighting to Walkways

Recessed lighting, where the lighting is installed directly into the walkway, is another popular choice, particularly for homeowners with a minimalist style. The lighting will be fitted into the stone of the pathway or installed within the edging of the path. These lights don’t take up any additional room, which is a great choice for narrow walkways. Recessed lighting also works very well when there are steps, as lights can be mounted directly into the outdoor stairs, providing an additional element of safety when walking around your property at night.

6. Illuminate a Fence Alongside the Pathway

When your pathway runs alongside a fence, you can light the fence as part of your lighting design plan. Outdoor wall lights that follow the path can illuminate the walkway without needing to install lights low on the path. When you light the fence, you can add height and dimension to the walkway, and the light will be cast in pools onto the path.

Outdoor Lighting Design Services

Once you’ve decided on a design that works for you, a landscape lighting professional can help you with determining the number of lights needed, the correct brightness, and the right installation methods. No matter what style you choose, landscaping lighting can increase the value of your home and keep you and your visitors safe when the sun goes down. A quality landscape lighting professional can help design, install, and maintain your pathway lights. Contact Sprinkler Pro to speak with an outdoor lighting specialist who can help you find the perfect outdoor lighting solution for your property.