Professional landscape lighting can take a beautifully landscaped property from good to amazing. There are many types of landscape lighting systems and designs to consider. Finding the right balance can be a challenge, but when everything comes together, landscape lighting can make your property stand out. Trends in outdoor lighting range from classic styles to bold choices. Here are some options to watch for:

Patio string lights with pine trees in the background

1. Color Changing Lights

For a trendy look, color changing lights can really make your property unique, particularly when entertaining. Water features respond very well to color changing lights, and are a great way to utilize this option while keeping it classy.

2. Water Enhancing Landscape Lighting

Even if you don’t use colors, submerged lighting in water features, such as a fountain, or pond, is an excellent way to draw attention to these areas of your landscaping. This can magnify the beauty of your water features.

3. Mixing Different Styles and Types

One of the current trends in landscape lighting is mixing different styles, although the types of landscape lighting used should be done thoughtfully, especially when working with brightness combinations or colors. Combining several lighting techniques is a beautiful way to highlight different features of your landscaping and create different themes on your property.

4. Smart Lights

Smart lights provide so many options for homeowners. They can be controlled by a phone app or remote, and you will have the option to change colors, dim or brighten lights, and turn lights off and on remotely. Smart lights can be incorporated into many different types of landscape lighting.

5. Bistro Lighting

Lights strung together and installed above outdoor spaces are referred to as bistro lighting or strand lighting. This landscape lighting is best used for entertaining spaces, such as over patios, gardens, decks, or uncovered porches. While some strand lighting is traditionally used for holidays, it provides a beautiful addition to any outdoor entertaining area, regardless of the season.

6. Professional Landscape Lighting of Hardscapes

If you have hardscapes as part of your landscape design, having a professional help you design landscape lighting to light those features can enhance your design. Hardscape lighting will usually use a soft downlight to highlight details like pillars, walkways, and edging without harshness.

7. LED Step Lights

LED step lights come on long, flat strips and are sometimes referred to as strip lighting. While strip lighting isn’t always thought of as outdoor lighting, it can be very effective and attractive for landscaping, particularly for outdoor steps. By using strip lighting, you can make it much safer for your family and guests to use outdoor steps at night.

8. Spotlighting

Sometimes spotlighting is referred to as up lighting. The lights are placed at the base of a feature, such as ornamental trees, shrubs, hardscapes, or walls, and are pointed upward to highlight the feature. While high-intensity spotlighting can be used as a security feature, moderate spotlighting can enhance features in a softer way.

9. Wall Lights

Lights can be attached to the outer walls of your home. While wall lights have been used around entryways for a while, a new trend is to place these lights every few feet along the perimeter of your house. Ornamental casings on the lights can enhance the beauty and soften the light projected for a warm, welcoming feel.

Bringing in a professional to assist with landscape lighting design can help you incorporate trends and mix styles. The right lighting design can make your property glow all year long, improve your curb appeal, and make your property safer. To learn more about how Sprinkler Pro can help you with your landscape lighting systems, contact us today.