Outdoor landscape lighting adds an aesthetic appeal to your property, but it also adds a layer of safety. When your home is well lit from the outside, you can navigate your property safely after dark and make your home much less desirable to any potential intruders. Combining safety with beauty makes installing outdoor lighting an excellent choice for any homeowner.

Garden landscaping with shrubs, bushes, plants, and trees illuminated at night time by hidden landscape lighting installation.

Feel Safe When Leaving or Coming Home in the Dark

A programmable outdoor lighting system takes the guesswork out of lighting your exterior. If you need to leave or come home after dark, knowing that your path will be illuminated will keep you and your loved ones safe. You won’t need to worry about tripping over a pathway or pulling up to a dark home. Instead, you will be greeted with a warm glow.

A Visible Property is a Safer Property

Properties shrouded in darkness, particularly those on large, isolated lots, are at risk of being targeted. When the risk of neighbors overseeing any movement is small and there are plenty of areas for concealment, an intruder’s task is easier. When you use landscape lighting to illuminate your home at night, you take that advantage away. Your home will be visible, making it safer for you and much less desirable for an intruder.

The Ability to Detect Movement on Your Property Can Put Your Mind at Ease

Motion sensors can help put many homeowners’ minds at ease. Although many times the motion can be triggered by an innocent factor, such as an animal or a delivery, any would-be criminal will turn the other way when his path to your home is suddenly illuminated. In addition to deterring intruders, motion sensor lights will also allow your family to enter your home safely, even if you arrive at home late at night. Knowing that the lights will always be there when you are out at night can help alleviate any fears.

Outdoor Security Lighting Doesn’t Need to Feel Harsh

Outdoor lighting design should enhance your home as well as provide safety and security. Lights that point downward under the eaves of your home will illuminate your yard and the perimeter of your house, but will also create a beautiful moonlight effect. Lights along the driveway and walkways will highlight your landscaping features, while keeping the paths well lit for safety and security. Highlighting trees with uplighting will feature the trees as landscaping accents, but will also eliminate places that someone could conceal themselves. Lighting around your doors will highlight the architectural beauty of your home, while also allowing you the security of knowing what is going on outside. Bright floodlights are harsh and can overwhelm your home, but the right lighting can keep your home secure while still maintaining an aesthetic appeal.

Find the Right Professional to Help Secure Your Home with Outdoor Lighting

Determining what lighting you need for security can be done by completing a security analysis of your exterior. You can do this on your own before meeting with a lighting professional. After dark, walk around your property. Walk the sides, the back, around the garage, and down the property lines. You are looking for access points into your home as well as places someone would hide. Make note of the dark areas, as well as ways that someone could attempt to get into your home. These are spots where adding motion sensor lights will add security. After you’ve walked outside, analyze your view from the inside. If someone were to be on your property, would you be able to see them? Talk to a landscape lighting professional about the areas of your property where security could be a concern, and allow them to suggest the right configurations.

If your home doesn’t look like an easy target, most criminals will decide that it isn’t worth the risk. If they don’t have a place to conceal themselves or an entry point in the shadows, the risk of getting caught will outweigh any urge for burglary. You can deter intruders simply by having a well lit exterior, even if that lighting appears to be only for design purposes. A good landscape lighting professional will know how to keep your home both safe and attractive. If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you create an outdoor lighting design, contact Sprinkler Pro today.