If you are new to outdoor lighting, the sheer amount of choices you have can be overwhelming. When considering the types of landscape lighting you want on your property, your contractor will help you understand which lights will work well for you based on functionality and how you envision your outdoor spaces. Some lights are purely for aesthetics, such as outdoor uplighting. Some are primarily functional, like floodlights. When you have an outdoor lighting design created for you, you’ll see that you can mix and match many different types of outdoor lighting to brighten your property and increase security as well.

Concrete walkway with post lights and plants along the sides.

1. Outdoor Uplighting

Outdoor uplights are installed at ground level so they can cast their glow upward, highlighting different design features and focal points of your home’s exterior. Uplighting is popular along the exterior walls and to illuminate landscape features, like trees. Uplights provide a beautiful, glowing effect.

2. Spotlights

Spotlights are designed to point in one direction and highlight a specific feature. If the lights are angled, they can create different effects. Spotlights can also range in brightness and can cover large or small areas. Most spotlights are a concentrated beam of light that will focus on individual landscape or hardscape features.

3. Floodlights

Floodlights are often considered more functional than beautiful, but that doesn’t mean they are doomed to be aesthetically unappealing. In general, floodlights have a wide beam and are used to brighten large areas, such as driveways and patios, and are typically mounted up above to cast their light down on an area. Floodlights can be motion activated, which will help keep your property safer.

4. Path Lights

Path lights are typically installed directly into the ground and are used to illuminate walkways. Not only will they help guide you and your guests safely around your property at night, but they create a beautiful visual effect.

5. Post Lights

Post lights, which can be short or tall, are excellent for installing along driveways and pathways without being as overpowering as floodlights. Posts are usually spaced evenly to create a visible path, and really add a lot of charm.

Popular Types of Landscape Lighting

The five types of landscape lighting discussed above are among the most popular, but they are by no means the only types of outdoor lighting available. If you have water features, there are many options available for submerged lighting. If you have a patio you love to use for entertaining, you may want to keep the floodlights off and use bistro lighting for a softer effect.

Creating Your Lighting Design

With so many choices, deciding on a plan can quickly become overwhelming. Hiring a professional skilled in landscape lighting design and installation will take the guesswork out of the project. They can easily assess your property, take into account which features you’d like to highlight, and brighten up dark areas to create a beautiful mix that will increase your safety, enjoyment, and curb appeal.

Your outdoor lighting contractor will guide you through the entire process, discuss options you have based on your unique property, and suggest ways to incorporate several lighting types to create a functional, visually pleasing outdoor lighting plan that looks like it was custom made just for you. If you’ve been thinking about installing some outdoor lights in your outdoor living spaces, have dark areas you wish were brighter, or are concerned about safely navigating your property after dark, contact us today. Sprinkler Pro has been installing and maintaining outdoor lighting systems in this community for over a decade, and our reputation, experience, and valuable services are what set us apart. Let us create and install an outdoor lighting design for you this year.