Most homeowners know the benefits of a lawn irrigation system. Manually watering your lawn on your own is inefficient and time consuming. Upgrading to a smart, wireless sprinkler system can make your lawn care regimen more efficient. Thanks to today’s technology, watering your lawn can be easy and efficient.

Nice green backyard lawn with irrigation system installed.

What is a Wireless Sprinkler System?

A wireless sprinkler system gives you the ability to control your irrigation system from any location at any time. Not only can you set up times and controllers, but you can receive weather data on your mobile device to let you know how to adjust your irrigation system based on current conditions. Smart, wireless controllers allow you to use less water by replacing your existing timers with a cloud-based system that gives you total control over your system. You can manage your system from the office, while on vacation, or on the road.

In addition, a wireless system will let you know how your water flow is. If a pipe is broken or a hose is leaking, those problems can be fixed right away because you will see in the increase in water usage immediately, instead of waiting for schedule maintenance.

How Does a Wireless Sprinkler System Compare to a Traditional Lawn Irrigation System?

A traditional lawn irrigation system is set to operate on a preset programmed schedule with timers. These timers need to be manually adjusted for changes in weather. A smart, wireless irrigation system tailors watering schedules and run times to meet the current needs of the landscape, even if these needs vary week to week or even day to day. If the temperature increase or rainfall decreases, the irrigation system will increase the watering to fulfill the demands of the landscaping. In periods of heavy rainfall, the system will adjust in kind. In a smart, wireless system, the system can be controlled from a mobile device as well as relying on its own sensors.

Benefits of a Wireless Sprinkler System

The biggest benefit of choosing a wireless system for your lawn irrigation system is saving water. Smart systems save 30-50% in water use compared to traditional lawn irrigation systems. Saving water for your landscape is not only good for the environment, it is good for your wallet and your lawn itself. Overwatering can cause an abundance of issues, and having the control to avoid that is an excellent investment.

The Right Company for Your Lawn Irrigation System

When you choose a wireless irrigation system, having the right company maintain your new system is the next best step. You want to make sure the professionals who maintain your system are well trained in how to handle a wireless system. When you have the right company to maintain your system, you know you’ll be getting the absolute best out of your wireless irrigation system. Any calibration, repair, or maintenance can be easily handled. Look for a company with the right certifications to handle your lawn irrigation system needs.

Choosing a wireless irrigation system as either a new system or an upgrade for your current lawn irrigation system is an excellent investment in your property. You will have the assurance that your lawn and landscaping will be constantly and consistently monitored and maintained to keep your lawn looking flawless while saving water. Contact Sprinkler Pro to learn more about our smart irrigation system maintenance services.