The way your property looks adds a lot to your home’s curb appeal, and an irrigation system is the best way to keep a well-maintained lawn. An important factor in keeping your lawn looking great is taking care of your irrigation system. There are many things you’ll need to do to keep your system running well, and many homeowners find that hiring a professional to handle it is the best approach.

Lush beautiful lawn due to a professionally installed irrigation system.

Examine the Heads and Water Pressure

Any changes, whether sudden or gradual, in the water pressure of your irrigation system can indicate an issue. Make regular checks for damaged and missing spray heads and leaking lines. Are any heads buried by plant growth? Are there any clogged or malfunctioning heads? Broken heads need to be addressed immediately, and all the heads need to be cleaned periodically to remove small clumps of dirt and grass.

Evaluate Dry and Wet Spots

If there are areas in your landscaping that seem too wet or too dry, you may need to adjust your irrigation system heads. Dry spots can be caused by low water pressure, a plugged nozzle, a failing rotor, or a leaky line. Overly wet areas can be due to system drainage, a leaky valve, or heads that have been mispositioned.

Check In on Your Sprinkler Schedule

Simply setting and forgetting your sprinkler system defeats the purpose of having a system at all. If you run your irrigation system constantly, you will waste water, wear out your system, and you can end up damaging your lawn. During a rainy spring or fall, you don’t need to run the system as much as you will during the hot, dry days of summer. Keep an eye on the schedule and adjust as necessary. Installing a sensor or a smart system can help you make sure you aren’t over or under watering your property.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Inspections, cleanings, and upgrades are all ways to catch small issues before they become big problems. Many homeowners see the value only in doing this once a year, like when they are turning it on in the spring. Regular checkups are a smart choice as they will make sure that your system is running efficiently all season.

Winterize Your System Properly

If there is any water left in your system over the winter, you could be looking at serious damage as that water freezes. You need to rely on a professional to perform this service properly. Sensitive components, like backflow preventers, can sustain serious damage when this isn’t done correctly.

Hire a Professional to Maintain Your System

In reality, maintaining your irrigation system can be another chore that you don’t have time to add to your list. Irrigation systems are easy to maintain when everything is running smoothly, but small issues or missing maintenance steps can cost you dearly. When you hire a professional, you’ll know that your system will be operating at peak efficiency and you’ll be less likely to need expensive repairs often.

Having a professional maintain your system throughout the year will give you the full value of your irrigation system. You will know that your system is functioning well and giving your lawn everything it needs with little to no effort on your part. If you have an irrigation system installed, you may have tried to maintain your system yourself and found you just don’t have the time or proper knowledge to keep everything in check. Let us help! Contact Sprinkler Pro today for more information about our irrigation system maintenance services.