There are countless benefits to adding landscape lighting to your property. Arguably two of the most important reasons is that proper landscape lighting can improve both safety and security. Not only does it make it easier to see where you’re going at night, but it will prevent potential intruders from attempting to break in if they can be easily seen.

However, these aren’t the only reasons to invest in landscape lighting. A good lighting design can also boost your property’s curb appeal, thereby increasing its value. With that in mind, the following are a few ways that you can use landscape lighting to increase your curb appeal.

Large home in nice neighborhood at night with landscape lighting adding curb appeal.

1. Use Layered Lighting

Layered lighting involves using a combination of different types of lights, like ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting creates a general glow that fills the space, task lighting provides focused light for specific areas, and accent lighting can highlight focal points in your landscape and architecture. By using a combination of these three types of lights, you can create an overall effect that is both beautiful and functional. Together, they help provide a more balanced lighting design.

2. Emphasize Architectural Features

If your home has any architectural features that are unique or areas that you want to highlight, you can do so with the help of landscape lighting. For example, if you have a porch with columns, you can use accent lighting to highlight them for a dramatic effect. Or, if your home has a particularly beautiful roofline, you can use ambient light to bring out its details.

3. Showcase Statutes and Water Features

Statues and water features can be beautiful additions to any landscape, but they can be especially stunning when illuminated properly. By using accent lighting to highlight them, you can create a focal point that will be sure to impress your neighborhood. There are several ways you can light statues and water features, and a professional outdoor lighting installer can help you choose the right lights to achieve the effects you’re looking for.

4. Create a Natural Moonlight Effect

One of the most beautiful things about landscape lighting is that it can create the illusion of natural moonlight. This is done by using a combination of ambient and accent lighting. Ambient light provides a soft, diffused glow, while accent lighting creates sharper shadows and highlights. When used together, they can help create an ethereal effect that is sure to impress.

One easy way to create the illusion of moonlight is by using downlights, such as recessed lights or sconces, to light architectural features (such as columns) from above.

5. Use Shadowing to Accentuate Features

Shadowing is another effective way to accentuate features in your landscape. By using shadows to obscure certain areas, you can create an effect that is both mysterious and alluring. This can be done by using either uplights or downlights. For example, if you want to create a shadowed garden, you can use uplights to light the plants from above. This will create a natural shadow effect that will accentuate the plants’ features. You can also use lighting to create a silhouetting effect that can help add a dynamic visual element to your landscape lighting design.

These are just a few ways you can use landscape lighting to improve the curb appeal of your property. A professional outdoor lighting installation service is a great resource. We have the experience, knowledge, and designing skills to take your property’s outdoor style to the next level. Sprinkler Pro has been helping homeowners create 24/7 curb appeal in this area for years, and we can help you too. For information about our outdoor lighting design and installation services, contact us today!